X1 Plus


The 1st Autofold stroller


Compact and comfort in one stroller

Several useful features make our best-priced stroller very popular with parents worldwide.
This stroller has all the important features that makes hamilton by yoop strollers well loved by parents around the world. Compact, comfortable and built to last.

Discover which colors suits you best


The stroller that grows with your child

These stroller best priced stroller from hamilton by yoop is made of a top quality aluminum frame and premium fabric. Thanks to the spacious and comfortable seat, the stroller is a safe place for your baby, from birth to 4 years, and / or up to 22 kg.
The hamilton by yoop stroller is made up of top-quality anodised alumimium frame and premium fabric, thanks to its spacious and comfortable seat, the stroller will carry your baby safely from birth to 4 years old, approx 22kg.

Autofold system

Fold and unfold with one action

One touch
fold & unfold

The Hamilton by yoop strollers are among the most popular strollers on the market. Not only because of their quality, but also thanks to the unique MagicFold mechanism developed by us. Fold and unfold in seconds with just one hand.
The hamilton by yoop strollers are known to be one of the most popular strollers in the market. Not just because of the quality but also the ultra fine Magicfold Mechanism, fold and unfold within seconds using just one hand.

For up to


During a walk, your baby lies or sits completely relaxed in the stroller. A spacious seat, adjustable 3-point backrest, ventilation mesh, and an extendable anti-UV 50+ awning to protect against the bright, ultraviolet sun rays.

Designed for

Safety & convenience

hamilton by yoop strollers meet EN 1888 safety standards. The safety of your child is therefore guaranteed with the 5-point belt system and the single braking system with large pedal.
Parents can easily open and close the buckle. Still, the buckle is completely childproof. The perfect combination of safe, strong and simple.
S2 desined

No fuss, just features

Easy Everywhere

With a foam push-bar, bumper-bar and lightweight frame, the S1 Plus has everything you need to ensure an easy, smooth and safe ride everywhere. The smart stroller made for easy parenting.
S2 strolles

One of the most compact strollers

Suitable as hand luggage*

Crafted with convenience in mind, this compact and lightweight stroller comes with a travel strap, allowing for easy carrying and hassle-free transport wherever your adventures take you.
*Cabin baggage standards may vary by airline. We advise you to inquire with the company about the most recent standards.

Technical specifications

  • Dutch Design

  • Length: 890 mm
  • Length after folding: 250 mm
  • Width: 490 mm
  • Width after folding: 490 mm
  • Height: 1050 mm
  • Height after folding: 590 mm
  • Weight: 7.4 kg
  • What to expect: Hamilton S2 stroller, Cup holder


Expand your hamilton by yoop products with our range of accessories

Stroller Color pack

X1 Plus in S1 Plus color pack

This allows you to adjust the color of your X1 Plus or S1 Plus stroller to your preference.

Rain Cover

Quick and easy attachment for protection in all weather conditions. No optical distortion thanks to our clear UV protection shield.

Cup Holder

Ideal hamilton by yoop cup holder for a bottle or cup.

Multifunctional luggage hook

Universal design, hook covered by faux leather cover, safe for your child.

Seat Liner

The soft fabric Seat Liner from hamilton by yoop makes every ride even more comfortable.

Car Seat adapters

Make sureyou have a safe and simple attachment between the Zeno car seat and your hamilton by yoop stroller. Also available for other brands.

Mosquito Net

The mosquito net keeps insects at bay.
wheeler board

Wheeled Board

Easy connection to and from the stroller. Fits most strollers (also from other brands) and is suitable for children from 2 to 5 years and / or up to 20 kg