Folding car seat

X1 Plus


The 1st Autofold stroller


The world's first Group I II III folding car seat

The Convertible is equipped with a quick and simple folding and folding mechanism, has a light frame and is easy to install.
All for the convenience of parents and the safety of your children.

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Standard ECE R44 certified

The seats are made for children, but also for the comfort of the parents. With ease of use, a light frame and optimal functionality.

9 months to 12 years

Easy folding & unfolding

In the blink of an eye

Fold & unfold within seconds

The Cabrio weighs about 9 kg and can be folded in and out quickly and easily in a few seconds. A compact and practical size, ideal for storage.

Easy assembly

Adjustable headrest & side panel

The adjustable headrest and side panel can be easily adjusted to your child’s height and grow from nine months to twelve years.

Easy pinning

Suitable for ISOFIX connection

Fast and safe attachment, optimal stabilization of the child seat in the car.

Safety guaranteed.

Sideways impact protection

Thanks to the sideways impact protection, they also absorb the force that would otherwise affect the child in the event of a side impact. This way, children and parents can travel with peace of mind.

Easy Fit

Adjustable headrest & side panel

The adjustable headrest & side panel can be perfectly adjusted to the height of your child and automatically grows with them from nine months to twelve years.

Easy Secure

ISOFIX connector ready

Quick and secure placement, offer optimal stabilisation of the child seat in the vehicle.

Safety Assured

Side impact protction

With Side Impact Protection, in the event of a side collision, they absorb the force that would act upon the child. This way, children and parents can travel reassured.

Easy trips with Travel System

Technical specifications

  • Dutch Design

  • Length: 512 mm
  • Folded Length: 512 mm
  • Width: 423 mm
  • Folded Width: 390 mm
  • Height: 740 mm
  • Folded Height: 248 mm
  • Weight: 9.7 kg
  • What to expect: Hamilton Cabrio Foldable car seat


Expand your hamilton by yoop products with our range of accessories

Stroller Color pack

X1 Plus in S1 Plus color pack

This allows you to adjust the color of your X1 Plus or S1 Plus stroller to your preference.

Rain Cover

Quick and easy attachment for protection in all weather conditions. No optical distortion thanks to our clear UV protection shield.

Cup Holder

Ideal hamilton by yoop cup holder for a bottle or cup.

Multifunctional luggage hook

Universal design, hook covered by faux leather cover, safe for your child.

Seat Liner

The soft fabric Seat Liner from hamilton by yoop makes every ride even more comfortable.

Car Seat adapters

Make sureyou have a safe and simple attachment between the Zeno car seat and your hamilton by yoop stroller. Also available for other brands.

Mosquito Net

The mosquito net keeps insects at bay.
wheeler board

Wheeled Board

Easy connection to and from the stroller. Fits most strollers (also from other brands) and is suitable for children from 2 to 5 years and / or up to 20 kg